HorseShoe Lake


I am planning to ride this on Sunday (1/29/17) if the lake Effect Snow stays away. I have never been to this Trail is it well marked ? I will be out there sometime in the Early afternoon.

It will be a slower ride since I have just gotten a New Bike and this is the First ride since I hit my Deer last October. So anything you can tell me about the trail would be Great.

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I'm also interested in this. I'm trying to get a ride in tomorrow. Sounds like Cedar has a lot of trees down but this trail is in good shape?


Who said Cedar has trees down?  I do know my trails right near there have trees down from the last big wind storm.  Anyway, Horseshoe, and Holton (nearby) both offer single track that are fairly tight, marked pretty well, and fun for me.  I have not been to either since last fall.  There are a few other guys that ride them more frequently and maybe they'll chime in on current conditions.  One thing I do know is right now the trails are clear of snow.

Can you tell me if the trails in Evart would be clear of snow?

Can you tell me if the trails in Evart would be clear of snow?


I didn't make it out this weekend. The spark arrestor insert I ordered didn't get here Friday. 


I wonder if they got as much rain up on the trail as we did here in Zeeland. Next week they are calling for temps in the 50's so I think I will try to get out 1 of those days as well. The other issues Is since Ijust bought the Bike I don't have ORV stickers yet. Do I by them just to expire in a few weeks or chance it by not having any. I really wish I could Purchase the 17 stickers. 



I'm not far from Evart. This morning we got over 2" of wet heavy snow. Now we have high winds, and some flurries.

I am asking more about Horseshoe lake which is near freemont. 

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