Straw plus tank... oops?

So I went a did it this time, I basically shot a small red straw (from a fogging oil can, aparently wasn't on right) into the tank of my KX100, I'm not sure if it melted, which concerns me a ton, so basically I have no Idea what to do at all. Do I need to remove the tank or is it ok in there....

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Won't hurt a thing

Oh thanks the Buddha, a rider friend of mine said if it was made of petro-chemicals, it'd melt in my tank and in turn, if I fired her up, it'd resolidify in my engine. Thanks for the quick response.

If it dissolves it'll go right through and out the exhaust but usually those little red spray can straws are resistant to various solvents and chemicals.  They make gas tanks and gas cans out of plastic too.

Next time you have the tank off you can probably shake it out.   Is this friend of yours known for making up things?  

I don't really think he would make stuff up, but if he did, I worried for nothing it seems.

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