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CounterShaft issue

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I have a leaking counter shaft seal and I've run into an issue that I need your suggestions on.  In short the spacer will not come off.  I've doused it with PB, WD, hammered on it.  Won't budge.

How can I get this out???  Tempted to drill a hole in the surface and wack it with a chisel.  Not sure if I can drill that hard collar.

How about putting heat on it?  Thinking maybe a finely directed map gas torch could heat the collar with damaging anything.  I can't tell if there is plastic on that tranny from the schematics.



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To me it looked lile the collar had rotated slightly on the shaft. Thats in the photo anyway. Maybe due to worn groves on the saft or the collar. That would lock it in place so that it was very hard to remove. Then when you put a new one on, the damaged groves on the shaft may make it a bit tighter than normal.

Hard to say from a photo but thats what it looks like.

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