Help - WR426 Oil Change?

Hi all - I need to do an oil change on a buddies WR426. I believe it's an '01 or '02. He just got it and doesn't have a manual yet. Is there a FAQ website or thread you can point me to that will give me step by step directions. I know nothing about the 426 other than that it holds some of its oil in the frame. Thanks for any help. I appreciate it!

Yup- I went through this myself the first time too. Check out:

The site is dedicated for the 250's, but the processes are identical. Dont forget some good four-stroke oil :)


Disco - Thanks!

One thing though. That faq states:

"Test for oil pressure using the indicating bolt on the right hand side of the engine block. (See owners manual.)"

Unfortunately, I don't have any manual. Can you add any clarification? I don't want to be changing the oil if I can't check the oil pressure.....

Thanks again.

Oil pressure eh? I will check the owners manual when I get home, but it sounds as if this is the port to test oil pressure (e.g. with the correct nipple and gauge, insert nipple into this test port).

I havent heard talk of oil pressure problems, knock on wood. As long as you keep your filter changed frequently, and dont over rev for a long period of time you should be OK.

Anyone else heard of oil pressure problems?

Thanks again Disco!

It's one of the bolts near your oil filter, and you are checking to make sure your oil pump is putting out pressure. Presumably, when you drain all the oil then refill, the oil pump could become airbound, and may not start pumping oil immediately on startup. You wouldn't want to fire it up and ride off with no oil pressure, so they are prompting you to verify positive pressure before revving the engine.

At least that's how I figure it, but I have been known to make stuff up from time to time, so don't take my word for it! :)

To check the oil pressure after a change, simply start the engine and crack the 12mm banjo bolt on the back of the head. When you see oil sqirt out between the banjo fitting and the copper washers nip up the banjo bolt again.

When I drain my oil, I remove the hose that takes the oil from the oil tank to the inner clutch cover (at the clutch cover end). It's not required, but it just lets you get an extra 50ml or so of dirty oil out of the engine.

Simply undo the bolt (8mm T bar) and drain the oil that gets stuck in that hose. before you refit the hose, ensure the 'o' ring is still in position.


After it's stopped draining, I turn the engine over slowly 2 sweeps of the kickstart, which also drains at least 50 ml more oil...

Thanks guys - got it changed! Unfortunately the oil came out looking like sludge with lots of metal shavings in it. Looks like it needs to go into the shop for a good once over. Too bad.... My buddy just bought it and the previous owner said it only had 600 miles on it and the oil was changed after every ride. Must have been a really loooooooonnnnnnnnngggg hard ride. :):D :D

Metal shavings are not uncommon on these bikes. I still get some and I have about 3000 miles on my bike. Just chang the oil often and you should be ok.

I have never done the oil pressure check. I Just change the dang oil! I also pull the drain plug on the bottom of the case every time I change the oil. Open the filler. Drain the frame, drain the case, then pull the filter. Clean or replace the filter, put the drain plugs back in. Fill with oil and ride! Easy. Your friend will or should get real familar doing this. Clean oil is the life blood of all four strokes.

^^ Yep..i never check the oil pressure..What are the odds of you starting up your bike, having oil pressure, than changine the oil..and magically for some reason you dont have oil pressure..i just change the oil often and the filter..and dont worry about the other crap

What do you guys use for oil? I just switched to 0-40 Mobil 1 Synthetic.

Don't worry about the "metalic paint" look of the old oil.

They do that, especially when new. Do watch out for large pieces of steel, as opposed to the aluminum clutch shavings that get deposited in the oil filter.

Consider a magnetic drain plug to catch the steel stuff.

My magnetic drain plug is always covered with a steel "sludge" of tiny particles every time I change the oil.

Thanks guys. I'm starting to feel a bit better about it. I'd just never seen that much metal in the oil before. Still going to have the head pulled down and valves checked and everything given a once over though. Again, thanks for the help.

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