Keihin FCR wanted

anyone got one for sale?


Taffy, seen a couple on Ebay but they are kinda pricey. Have a look. What happened to yours? Did you mod it to the point where it is now knackered?


no. i've gone with a husaberg and want a keihin on it. being from the UK i think that e-bay would be a bit difficult. what are they making?thanks anyway.


Here is one that did not sell as the reserve was not met. $325 US. There is another one on Ebay for $350 no reserve. Perhaps Ebay Germany might be a better bet for you? Nothing there at the moment, I checked.

here are the links,

web page

web page


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not going to bid.

just wanna find someone who wants to sell one.


Taffy (UK)

thumpsalid may want to sell you his, I think he may be parting his bike. Send him a pm (see the thread "destroyed engine").

Taffy, I recently got rid of my FCR41, I think the guy I sold it to had an FCR39 for sale - might be worth a try. (Craig Taylor from Dynotorque, Birmingham, 0121 772 2453).

If you want to buy new, Allens R&D may be the best bet..

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