Cam replacement - Helpful hint

For anyone one looking to upgrade the cam on their XR600 or 650L, make sure the oil pump is primed and oil is flowing to the valve cover before finishing the job. I went through 2 cams and several rocker arms learning that the oil pump in these BRP’s won’t self prime if you drain the oil and disconnect the oil lines like I did.

I found several other folks went through the same problem, some replaced their oil pump, once I self primed it then it flowed like a geyser. My biggest mistake was following the step by step procedures that Hotcams offered on their website. I did contact them hoping they could add this info and maybe the next poor sap wouldn’t have to waste a couple hundred dollars learning this lesson. Doubt they will so I’m posting it here in hope someone down the road can avoid the same fate.

I had a similar problem with both of my 650L's. I bought one with a fresh top end on it, the repair shop obviously didn't prime the pump and I had to replace the cam, rockers and head due to scoring of the center cam journal. I'm glad I checked to see if oil was coming out of the line to the head before I ran it or I would have done the same thing over again. My other 650 was purchased with the cam and rockers already destroyed due to the previous owner not priming the oil pump. Piss poor design.

Good points!! My friend is lucky he didn't burn his head when replacing his pump...BTW, what cam did you put in your bike, and what areas did it improve??

I had a Hotcams, they call it a Stage 1 but it is the only one they offer for the "L". It made a difference, especially in the mid range. I'm in the process of installing a White Bros Power-up cam. I should mention that I already had a JE 10.5:1 piston, RD valve kit, FMF exhaust and the best bang for my "L" bucks was getting a Edelbrock pumper from Rob Barnum!!

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