WR450 Tire Wear

OK, I have a few questions all related...

1. I have a 2004 WR450 with exactly 308.5 miles on it. The tire is already demolished. There is maybe 1/4" left on the center knobbies. Is this typical for the stock tire?

2. Since my stock tire fell apart pretty much, what tire should I use for high desert type riding?(loose rocks, mostly dirt and sand) Brand? Type?

3. Can you put an oversized tire on the WRs? My buddy put a bigger tire on his XR and he says it really helped with the hookup... any suggestions?


Try a Kenda Carlsbad. It is a pretty stout tire and holds up well. If you are constantly spinning the thing in the rocks though any tire it going to be short lived.

Any other thoughts?

Don't put a larger tire on it will really effect how the bike handles and it has no problem hooking-up.

I've worn several tires out at Virginia City (probably the kind of desert your riding in as it's close to you), the knobs can be totally gone in a 4 hour GP on those rocks.

Try a Dunlop 606, it's a dual-sport tire but it really holds up in the Neveda rocks.

You control the tire wear with your right hand. If you're on the throttle--your either lifting the front wheel or spinning the back tire--that's life with the WR450.


I ride a 01WR426. I race dez and have tried a few tires. Usually I can expect about 500 miles out of a rear tire. I have used both the D739 and the D739 AT with good results. Also a Kenda Trackmaster II that I just tore up. After 310 miles most tires will be worked but still useable. The 739AT is better for dez rocks. It doesn't chunk out like a regular 739 will. But so far the best tire I have used is the Maxxis IT. The thing wears like Stainless Steel and is about 20$ cheaper then the Dunlop stuff. Right now they are my rear tire of choice. The dez will eat tires. But the Maxxis IT is a great tire that is priced right. They also hook up great. Try one. But remember that the dez eats tires and the 426/450 will also burn them out fairly fast as well. 500 miles for a rear tire that is run agressivly is good. You really can't ask for much more then that.

The front is a different story. I swear by the Dunlop 756 awesome front tire.

Thx. You are the second person now to recomend the Maxxis brand. My brother has been running one on his YZ426 and it seems to hold up. I just wanted some other opinions and see if others thought the maxxis was a good one to go with. I think I will try it out. I have a 40 miler coming up this weekend and I think my stocker tire will retire after that.

I am still running a Kenda Millville 120-18 rear at 500 plus miles. No chunking or tearing and good traction and a great price. I thought I could get more wear and traction for the larger tire, so far so good. I have paid way more for tires that havent come close to preforming like this Kenda.

i am running a michelin MS2 starcross on the rear..i love it..even though i may give the maxxis a try when i need a new tire (very soon)...But i found the MS2 to hold up alot better than the dunlop 739..and it hooks up alot better on anything IMO..


I currently have a VeeRubber on the rear of my 426. Hooks up well, and seems to be lasting ok aswell. And they are cheap too, but I plan to try a Maxxis IT next time around :)


maxxis all the way, i have over 600 miles on my maxx cross IT, and it looks almost like new. the stock dunlop looked like a racing slick after 600 miles :)

I run the dunlop AT 739 Desert and I have 10 rides on it. Looks almost new all my friends can't believe how well it is wearing! I also heard the maxxis it is good too. But I am very impressed with the 739at desert!!! :)

Hey Blue Mule, I appreciate the vote of confidence on the Maxxis... Do you also run the IT on the front as well?? My 739 still has some life on the front, but I can't wait till they arrive. I rode with a bunch of CRF Buds today and it was frustating running my worn out 739.(Sorry I didn't read your post completely,you described using Maxxis as pairs.) I also ride Eastern Oregon a lot which is rocky too, It will be interesting to see if the Maxxis are any good in that terrain as well . Thanks,Jim. :)

Hey Steve-O, Pay attention to where the opinions are coming from (area of the country, not the person- don't want to offend anyone). Seems alot of responses come from areas with real dirt-with moisture. I've been looking for a good compromise tire(traction vs wear) since I got my 450. The dry hard dirt and rocks in the southwest just tears up tires. The stock dunlop hooked up great but wore too fast. Tried a cheap kenda(not carsbad)didn't hook up at all. Now on Perelli MT21's. They have lasted pretty well, but are pretty skatey(sp?) on dry hardpack. I'll probably try the Maxxis next- seems to be pretty good. Aside from frequent tire changes, out here it's always a compromise

I believe the best tire for the money is the Maxxis IT. Front and Back. They hook up in all conditions well and they hold up longer than most. I did have a read Kenda TrackMaster once and it was like steel, but it is costly.

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