XL500 - rusty exhaust, with holes

Hi all.  I picked up what I believe to be a 79 XL500 that has been beaten practically to death.  The motor runs good, has good compression, starts and drives good through all the gears.  But everything else is rough.  I fondly, and incorrectly thought I was going to buy this old girl and restore it.  It appears I was very wrong.  There are apparently no parts available.  So what do you guys do?  For instance - the muffler is rusty and has some holes in the header pipe.  I could spend time and money patching it up and it will be just that - a patched up turd.  But I can't find a muffler.  Not new.  What to do?!    Ugh!!!

At least two companies in tiny New Zealand make replica;s,, surely there someone in the US doing it??

I got nothing.  Spent better part of the weekend online looking.  Plenty of rusty overpriced junk on Ebay.  I already have that.  Would love to get a reproduction new.  

would anyone happen to know - will the 79-81 XR500 header pipe work on 79-81 XL500?  Would live to find a new repro.  

It goes right on.  Slightly different than the street legal pipe muffler is all.   People took them (mufflers)  off and trash canned them from the start,   but usually used the stock header with something like a supetrap slipon.  

Great.  Thank you.  there seems to be better quality XR headers on Ebay at the moment than XL.  And then I can fab it from there back like your saying with a supertrap or something.  That Predator from the UK looks nice.  Haven't been able to get a response from them, so it's looking like Ebay.

There are partsd available just need to keep a good eye out for them over the course of a few months :)  I believe this google plus group will help you out tons:  https://plus.google.com/communities/102538661609064647035


Also, some parts from 1979-82 XL 500's are interchangeable.  If you have any questions on an items ask!

thats a great page tons of info and pics.  thx.  I bought a header pipe from Oregon - it's on the way.  It will need a lot of Ospho for sure.  But I'm not sure now - how to get from there back.  There are some old silencers on Ebay for $300 which is nuts.  I wish I knew how to do a midpipe and then use an aftermarket silencer.  You see it on all the pictures guys have them all tricked out.  I'd like to go that route, but, heck where to start?  It's like it would need (2) 45's to bend up and then back.


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Any exhaust shop can make sections of pipe.

 Or usually they will sell you a 'donut', which is a circle of pipe you cut to lengths yourself to make the bends/cures you need, then weld together.

I think I found a super trapp with a mid pipe aftermarket for about the same cost as an old one.  It's 3 bills on Ebay.  My header is on the way.  Will there be mesh gaskets in there when I pull the old one, that I will need to replace?  I gotta get a book on this thing too.

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