Back Yard mechanics and Backfire Bloopers

:D Ok here is another topic to have fun with. Topic Backyard Mechanics and Backfire Bloopers.

Any story that contains , Knuckle Breaks, Engine Fires, Mechanic Oh Craps and so on.

No limit just keep sending em

Here is my two

In the late 70's and early 80's I Dirt Tracked and RR'd. At that time I hada 250 Bultaco Astro for DT and a R5 350 Yammi for RR. I was setting up the astro with a new top end and had to drive 30 min 1 way to the local Bull Dealer. Picked up the Kit (Piston, Rings, sir Clips Beering wrst pin and all) I think about 45 bucks total. Hey thats good beer money back then So I was serious about racing to give up beer money.


Any way I got back to the house and was unloading the piston from the box, when my neighbor walked up behind me and scrared the :) out of me. The piston goes flying I star doing the soft shoe to rcover it when BHAMMMMM it hit the floor and shattered. I did my best impersonation of Yosstimi sam that day.


I just got my new ported and polished heads and balanced crank from Ken Clark for the Yami, R5 ported, polished and balanced to TD3 Specs. I worked all day to get the thing back together. I placed the last torque onto the last head bolt and poured some liquid go go stuff in the tank.

Alreight I think, a 50 + horse power twin, built by the MAn Ken Clark Whooo Weeee. As I get my wooody over the seat and begin the ritual of starting the beast up, One kick, two kick , three kick Pooop rappa raaaarinnnng blahhhhh ,, ok one more kick this beast is alive.

I suddenly glanced down at my Tack and guess what I see (FOUR SIR CLIPS) Ok thats strange These are supposed to be nocing tucked away in the psitonsd and not here, Me thinksssssssssssss

O crap.

If that bike started, It would have cost me 700 bucks, Man the Gods were smiling on me that day.

I was trying to get my stepfahters 87 KX 250 startred after winter. It had about 3-4 hours on it and it took 20 kicks to even start to want to fire. I was pretty pissed that the bike that took me all last summer to put together would not start. So i started to tweak the carb. I figured i would start with what the manual reccomended since it still had the stock jets. I kicked twice and got two small backfires. I kicked it a third time. It let out the loudest and most powerful backfire i have ever heard. So powerful that it blew the pipe right off the bike (forgot to put the mount bolt back in)! The pipe fit better than ever after that. :)

This was fully disclosed when I did it, but...

While converting my WR to YZ cam timing, I 'timed' the intake cam.

I started the motor and it made a very bad noise.

I didn't know where I went wrong, so I posted a question here on TT and went to bed. When I woke up I immediately realized what I had done. After work that day I corrected the cam timing. But I dropped one of the cam cap bolts in the hollow part of the head and the thing immediately fell down under the exhaust port. G#d D$%M M*th$% F$c%er sh*t A$$ GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!.

I got a big plastic bag and duct tapped it over the top of the open motor, then inverted the whole bike (tank and subframe removed) like you used to do to work on your BMX bike. I then shook the thing until the bolt fell into the bag. Suprisingly, only about 4 ounces of oil came out of the motor.

Put everything back together and have had no problems.

My dad pulled a stupid thing here when I was selling my KX250.

I had it in the front yard, and I hadn't added any tranny oil back into it. Someone came out to look at it when I was away. Dad started the bike up (no tranny oil!!) and went to start riding away. He got about 3 feet when he went SLAM into the ground. He didn't know I had a pad-lock in the front brake rotor so someone couldn't steal it!! No damage, and fortunately, that saved the tranny from being run without oil too!!!! DOH!

I had re-built the top end of that bike too a year or so prior, only to have the sucker be REALLY hard to start, and run like crap. I take the engine back apart, to find I had the piston in backwards!! Light sandpaper to the exhaust port, and she ran flawlessly! :)

Speaking of mishap's to ourselves, I have one story that probably has never happened to anyone before. Some of you YZ riders may say I'm in the wrong page, but this is a story I want to share with everyone. I was out racing in a series in Show Low AZ. I was in the middle of the series, and I was sitting about third place with forth and second close by. In the first moto, I DNF because I was pushing myself to keep up with the forth place rider. As we came up to a small tabletop (about 30 ft), I over jumped the landing ramp by about ten feet and flat landed. I landed so hard that the battery mounts I made for it broke off. If your asking why the mounts broke off, it broke off because I made the subframe myself out of some metal I gathered around the house to save me $400 for a new subframe and also the welds broke because I'm not a pro at welding. I stalled the motor because the battery fell in between the tire and the swing arm. I had to push the bike off and try to start the bike before my next moto started. I'm sure this has never happened to anyone in my area before, and if this, or anything simlar, has ever happened to you, please tell us the story.


You know Ken Clark?

Noooo I said My Eng was built by him along time ago. The shop I worked at Bob Chaves was a heavy hitter in the 60's and 70's. He sponsered Jim Rice, Dick Mann, Mert and so on. I never meet him personally.

This is more a testament to clean living than anything else really but here goes. I used to build VW drag motors in my garage for street racers. One friday night prior to a meet the following saturday, I was out amongst'em acting like the pagen dog I was. I got home probably 3ish in the morn. I went out to the garage to assemble the motor for a guy that wanted to race it that night. I went out and it was all done. I thought WTH! I asked my dad if he'd assembled it, he said no, you were out there till about 6 this morning, dont you remember? Obviously no. So at this point Im nervous. What did I just do with this guys 5000 bucks worth of parts? I go out and start checking....checking....checking. Hmmmm seems everything is ok. Let fire it up. Two cranks, fired right up. Hmmmmm. Pressures ok, temp seems fine. I must be better than I thought! I delivered the motor, he raced it, brought home about 5g's that night. He calls me the next day and says, "man, I dont know what you did, but this thing rips! What did you do?" I told him I couldnt tell him, not even if i wanted to.

Ok Shawn the Real Story::::

I was so Basted Dang Drunk I dont even remember the girls name :)


i kinda did the same thing when redoing the top end on my RD250,got her all back together full tank of premix ready to break her in and noticed i somehow had forgot to put the new base gaskets on,hey i was 16 at the time and couldn't wait to ride,as i bought it in a basket a year before i could actually ride it,oh the memories!!


Here is a good one. The return spring on my CR500 broke one day and ate the stator coil. I bought a new one. I pulled the thing apart and was swapping the part out and got a phone call. Call took about 45 mins and 3 beers. Well I went back and put it all back together and kicked that freaking beast for about an hour. Nothing. So I get out the meter and its dead, my brand new stator is dead. OOHH im pissed. I take the thing all apart again, no big deal really threw the stator up on the bench next to the NEW stator that was still sitting on the bench. Dumb @$$. Put the NEW stator in, started first kick.

PS I remembered her name, just not the phone number, or where she lived, or where I met her, or even why I parked my CL100 honda on the front porch instead of the garage.

Some gaurdian angels work overtime, Im sure of that! :)

Friend comes over to hang at the parents house (we're all young kids). His moms last words are "stay off of those motorcycles!!!". Well, we all know how iresistable the mighty Z50R is, so as soon as her tail lights disappear we're down the driveway and out onto the road. Meanwhile our motorcycle chasing dog is digging under the fence as fast as all 4 leggs will dig. During my friends turn the dog gets out and makes a strait line for the front wheel of the bike. BAMO they collide, the friend does a 10 point lip skid and the bike does a complete kartwheel and eventually runs over the friend and leaves a nice red tire track up his back. The detail was incredible, you could see every nobby! The dog was ok and lived to chase again. It's a hot day so after riding we're all running around minus shirts when mom shows up to pick the friend up. So she sees the tire tracks on his back and asks "did you ride the motorcycle?" and of course the friend, forgetting about the tracks, says "No!". Double trouble for him....

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