A VERY GOOD IDEA (read this or one day you could be very sorry)

If you'll notice, down in the singnature portion of my post that it is listed that my bike has a brand new cylinder head. This is a result of a heat seized spark plug, this is a warning to all of you who have never experienced this painfull occurance, take out your plug, buy some anti-seize and put it on the plug (while your at it, you may want to look into buying a high performance spark plug they are like $10, i bought an NGK iridium IX plug and it helps starting the bike greatly). Just a little helpful hint that will cost about 2 to 15 bucks depending on if you buy a new plug or not, but can save you over $400 plus the wasted time if the heat seizure occurs. -Matt :)

You talked me into both the antiseize and the expensive plug. I have a 1993 XR 600 R , where do I find this magical plug and which number of plug should I ask for ?



If you have no fear, you didnt go as fast as you could have...

I second the request for a part # on the plug as I am about due a new one for my 95 XR600R.


I third the request, It cheap maitenance and easy kicking sounds good to me! :)

Excellent idea, and if I may add to that...ANY place on the bike where steel-bolts-meet-aluminum-threads (or vice-versa) should be treated with anti seize.

There's a BIG caution that should go with the use of antisieze compound on sparkplug threads. Unless you use a high quality, thermally transparent compound, your plug will run extremely hot. Among other things, this can lead to pre-ignition which can easily destroy the entire top-end.

~ Ken

The plug size for my XR600 (which is a 1998 model) is DPR8EA-9, i will try and post a link to the plug that i use. Here is a link to sparkplugs.com for sparkplugs that will fit an 85-00 XR600R I strongly suggest using the IX iridium one.. Anti-Seize homepage, you will probably find what you need here, but you will probably also find it at Auto Zone. -Matt

Ken... as long as the proper type of Anti-Seize is used, that will not happen. The Anti_Seize was a life saver when my friends Husaberg 600 heatseized from a cracked fuel line, the piston wouldnt move, but the plug came out no sweat. Currently he is trying to get the parts to fix the bike and sell it to get a CR or some other 2-smoke, which is unfortunate, but o well at least he can ride. -Matt

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