07 wr250 Husqvarna transmission blew

Hi first time poster long time reader... Anyone know of someone selling a used 5 speed for a 07 wr250 or know we're I can get individual gears for it? Someone has to have one bc seems like everyone is putting 6 speeds in... he'll I'd do a 6 speed if I could get one but I just Wana ride my bike again and would love a 5 speed right about now... i might even just clean it up and get the one bearing and run it... thanks... jerry





I don't know if you found your parts yet and I hate telling someone to go to another forum, but this area doesn't get much traffic. IF you haven't, check out cafehusky.com 

I think I have a transmission.

Rancher1 thanks I got it all cleaned up everything looked good just ordered one bearing and gaskets and should be good to go... u know if they recommend sealant on the gaskets or dry???


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