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Installing a XT350 engine on a XT225

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It may be an outrageous idea to think of, but is there a way to install a Yamaha XT350 (or an air-cooled model of similar capacity) engine into a Yamaha XT225 serow and (supposing the suspensions and brakes are taken care of) can the frame withstand the 30-35hp of such an engine ? Has anyone ever attempted something similar? Consider that the money/time factor doesn't exist, we are only taking into account the durability of the frame. The cylinders are relatively close in stroke (1,6mm  bigger stroke for the 350) and have 16mm difference in bore. I assume that the 350 engine has both its own (tougher?) driver and driven sprockets so maybe a custom spacer must be created to connect the driven sprocket to the back wheel? Are there any other electrical parts required?

Excuse me for asking for so much info on something maybe so out of the ordinary...

Maybe im crazy and it would be better to just find a used xt350 but the xt225 i currently have is something like a family heirloom to me (so no matter what i will keep it in any case). More than that, i can't find an xt350 in worthy condition where i live (but i can theoretically buy an engine from abroad though) and at least with my bike i know what to expect in other sectors (frame, brakes, suspension e.t.c.)!

I would really appreciate any opinions on the matter!

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