$100 to spend on the bike?

What would you buy if you had an extra bill laying around?


Graphics kit if you don't already have one

I would add 2 more bills to it and buy a steering stabilizer!

Is the bike stock ? If so put on a X-Ring chain or some new bars.

Tell us what's on your bike now....

renthal bars, frame guards, neutral switch cover. A couple things I was thinking was, new set of D773 tires, AFAM sprickets/DID chain, or sdg tall seat.

Things that have made my life easier:

PC Racing pro-seal gasket for the air filter. No more grease and less than $15.

DID x-ring chain from Rocky mountain. $70. I've put like 40-50 hours on it and not had to adjust it yet.

Tires are always useful.

$100 toward a suspension revalve. I'm a convert. I never would have had my suspension done until I rode someone elses. I'll not ride stock suspension again.

Handguards or flywheel weight or hot start or Protapers or five lap dances.

Go give it to your local pro for a lesson. That's money well spent.

FIVE lap dances! I wish $100 went that far!

Originally posted by MANIAC998:

FIVE lap dances! I wish $100 went that far!

:) You want to give yz426king 5 lap dances for his $100.00 :D


Green Stinky Bud :)

Unless I was in trouble with my wife, thenI would buy her flowers, and a night out


[ April 14, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Give it to the Blue Ribbon Coalition. See my signature......

Id go with a cable oiler if I didnt have one yet, and a pair of the f-4 Fastway footpegs.

i'll buy a rim for a friend..!!! :)

Then i only ask for the shipping. :D:D

put it in the suspension

UFO makes some trick looking yellow sidepanels to match my yellow WZ Hurricane. I seen them on someones bike on here. I just cant see spending the $50 right now.

So with $50 down....

Other $50 on a new WC clutch lever w/integrated compression release lever.


I would think a little prevention can go a long way. :thinking:Radaitors ain't cheap go with the braces. If you shop it you might be able to get one of the two tires. I would save some more and look into doing the cam conversion if you have a late model, it isn't the cheapest mod, but" bang for buck" its the bomb!!! I would get it before ever spending money on pipe.

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