WR 450F VS. KTM 450 EXC Pro's & Con's

Looking for pro's and Con's of both bikes. Looking for a good trail bike with more power than an XR-400. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I've ridden an 01 400EXC, 03 450EXC and a 04 450EXC. I've got the WR426 so the new WR450's do have e-start but weigh the same.

My WR seems faster than any of these bikes. Not that the KTM 450's are slow, they just seem more suited for nasty trails. The big plus is the 6-speed which I'd love to have on the WR as I'm always looking for an extra gear in the sand washes. The biggest difference I noticed was the weight. It's hard to hide 8+ lbs up high when riding them back to back.

All of my buddies who have bought these bikes have had vey little problems with them. The usual fork seal issue which I also had at 1500 miles. A little preventative maintenance would probably have extended this quite a bit.

If I was buying a 450 right now, I'd probably buy the KTM because of weight and the fact that it comes with top quality hardware that I've replaced on my bike anyway. You don't have to do anything to the bike to get it to run right either which is really nice.

I would also stay away from the 03 WR450's because of the starter issue unless someone has upgraded it to 04 specs.

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