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Ultrasonic cleaner for carb

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I just picked up A 1996 XR 600 R that had been sitting for a little while and I'm tearing down the carburetor and debating on throwing it in my ultrasonic cleaner. Has anybody done this? What were the results? I take it removing all O-rings and gaskets and everything and breaking down the carb as far as possible is recommended. Any input would be great

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yep people including me do it all the time . what solution do you have in the tank ?  I've started soaking them in Pure Pine-Sol with great results. the Pine- Sol is a bit thick for the ultrasonic but it works.  It'll stink up your whole house so use this out doors or in the unattached garage :)  other thank that I've used allot of the solutions from simple green to windex. The best I've used is Crystal clean from a place that sells and repairs ultrasonic cleaners but at $40.00 a jug it's too much money. Most of these solutions won't damage the rubber bits they swell the paper gaskets a bit until they dry out.

Don't mix water with the Pine-Sol and don't buy the no name cheap stuff and save it for the next carb in a sealed container.    

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