After market plastic

So I just put new plastic on my bike. I bought the Aceribis. Could not be more unhappy. The front and rear fender was fine but the radiator shrouds and side covers suck. The Radiator shrouds are so bad that just to get them on I put white creases in new blue plastic. Then the side plate on the exhuast side is maybe an 1/8" away from the muffler. Yea its going to melt! It also took a samll army to get them put on.

What do you guys like as far as brands of new plastic?


I have UFO guards and sideplates, and they fit/look great. I have had Polisport, and they seem a bit thin, particularly the shrouds and sidecovers, similar to your description of Acerbis.


How could you need more plastic... you dont ride enough to crash :D:usa::D :D

Seriously though, I put acerbis shrouds on my bike and same problem. Gone to Moab this weekend but will catch up w/ you next week with details. :)

:D Jason

Did you buy the kit or individual pieces? The earlier radiator shrouds have a straight bolt hole instead of angled.

I just ordered some as well, maybe I'll order the UFO instead.

I bought them as indicidual parts not the kit. I would look into UFO if I was you. Hey is there any riding up you way yet. I was thinking of heading to Central City this weekend. I will report on the conditions.

I think you are wrong I just don't chase my tail at the tracks. You don't know riding until you go with me to sapen and we ride a 100 miles in taylor park and then do it again the next day. I'm not talking those fire roads that you ride. You know those roads that I can ride a skate board down. You know its you have like 11-13 inches of travel on your bike and it will go over some of those rock that you hate. Just joking. Have fun in Moab. talk to you next week.

Thanks for the information about the plastic.

We were thinking about Left Hand even though some of the area has been closed. My buddies rode Switzerland up Boulder Canyon last week and said there was a little snow but rideable. I'm not sure about Central City but I'd be VERY interested in what you find out. I need to ride some trails bad.

harris carbon for road and motard use.

and acerbis for the muddy stuff

I called Acerbis and the girl said they haven't had complaints of the plastic not fitting right. I told her that people on TT were having issues and said the UFO fit better and she said they make the plastic for UFO.

Who knows. :)

Well that is interesting? Now I don't know what to do? I will let you know how Central City is. I am not getting my hopes up to much but need a ride to escape the insanity. Have a good weekend.

You have a good one too. I just thought I might as well call and put a little pressure on them since they have a 1-800 number.

Chris, do you have the PN's for the plastic you purchased from UFO?

I looked a little more into this and the plastics for the YZ426 is different than the WR426 so I'm not sure why all these companies are making just one set saying they fit all the bikes.

Genuine Yamaha plastic is the same price or cheaper here in Australia.

Every thing about $40 AUD (Guards F&R, shrouds and side covers)So why bother



VMAX, ya know what we decided to bag this weekend do to cold weather. I know where is my skirt. I talked to the guys at Vickery here in Denver and they did not know anything about Aceribis and UFO. However he did tell me that "ONE" has plastic that in his opinion is a little thicker. So I guess I will be trying "ONE" next time. Have a good ride tell us how the snow or hopefully no snow is. I have to go to Vegas the 31st through the 4th so I won't be riding untill the weekend after that. I'm Dieing here. Also it is true that they make all the platic for the YZ and not the WR. How ever they give you templates as to where to cut when it comes to the side panels around the over flow tank. The Aceribis still fits like crap. Thanks for your input on the matter. We will have to ride this summer.

The reason I use aftermarket plastics is that I work at a dealer who doesn't sell Yamaha's. Therefore, I have to pay full retail for any Yamaha parts :D. I can get UFO/Acerbis/Polisport for cost. :) vmaxcbr900wr426, I used all YZ UFO plastics on my WR, sorry, not sure of the part no's.

Hey Chris, thanks for the info. I'll probably buy the UFO since you said it fits well. Do you have to cut anything like the Acerbis? I'm assuming you put this on your 02' WR426?

Comp182, I'm not sure I'll ride either. It's very windy up here right now and was pretty cold this morning. We did go run my son's pinewood derby car at cub scouts this morning and he won 5 out of 6 races so he was a little stoked. :)

Congrats on your sons race. I don't know how central city was but I talked to my buddy that was a Bandamere speedway and he said it was butt cold and at one point a few flakes of snow. I also talked to a a friend that who was at his ranch in south park and he told me that they had some flakes as well. A few more weeks and we should be good.

I have reciently purchased a WR 450 03 which replaced my WR426 01. I was wanting to put a YZ rear feander on my WR 450 but I am unable to find anyone which can help me. As the airbox is different to the YZ this means the side covers are also different and nothing matches. I change the rear fender on my 426 to a YZ one and it went straight on. Just wonder if you know a way around this problem

vmax, yes, they are on my '02 WR426.The only cutting was to clear the coolant reservoir. It's just a matter of copying the cut-outs on your standard left hand sidepanel. I have an oval shaped stock YZ muffler, and the UFO right hand sideplate is a nice fit around the shape of the muffler. I see you have an FMF Q, not sure what shape they are, but no way the UFO YZ sideplates would fit with a stock round WR muffler.

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