XR vrs XRL

Why are the XR650L air cooled and the XR650R water cooled? Does the XRR make more horsepower?



R has more ponnies--its the faster, newer bike. The L has an electric start, buddy pegs, and some people think its easier to work on.

The L is a modified for street use version of the XR600. Old tech, but bullitproof. The R has roughly 10 more ponnies (uncorked) than the L.

Hi Darren, I own both bikes and love them both. (2001 L 2000 R) You just have to realize the limitations of each. If you are going to commute on a regular basis you will probably prefer the L. However if you want to go off-road you will quickly learn to dislike the L. It is about 360 pounds with fuel. From experience believe me, you can keep up with smaller bikes if you are a strong guy in good shape..but it will knock the crap out of you. I'm 6' 1" 245 and I can control the L but have way more fun on my R. In this situation off-road the R is a much better bike. It has better suspension, power, gearing, weight distribution etc... And you can always convert your R model to be street legal. I did mine for $120.00 Canadian in my garage. (no battery needed where I live.) If you can live without electric start, for the price difference buy the R. :)

The XRL is old(er) technology, but bullet-proof. The XRR is all business, and much better for off-roading because that's what its made for. Blasting in the desert. Definitely more HP too.

You can get an XRL to "about" the same performance level as the XR600R, but it will still be heavier. Electric start, battery, blinkers, cluster, etc.

I ride my XRL about 60/40 dirt/street. It works well for me (5'10", 195 lbs.) on dirt with DOT knobs and lower gearing, plus a whole bunch of other mods I've done to it. I ride it pretty hard off-road, but its a workout. Its a great bike for how I ride and really easy (and fun) to work on. Its been a bit tempermental with regards to the fuel system, but that was fairly easy to remedy with some new jets, some drilling and shimming, and above all, patience!

All depends on what you want to do. Mostly dirt - XRR. Mostly street - XRL.

Dito, from pretty much all that has been said. I love the L, but then again, I have never ridden an R. I find the L to handle dual track trails with ease and don't find the weight to be a problem at all, and I am not all that strong or big, 5'11" 208, and almost 49. For single track trails it is a bit of a load, but still quite capable. :)

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