Airbox mod wr 426

Hi there, I'm new here. :)

And I want to ask a question concerning a airbox mod wich I have in mind.

A friend of mine has a 450 WR. The ease of the sideopening airbox draw my attention.

Is there anybody who has done a Homejob making a removable airbox side cover on a '01 wr 426?

I'm pretty handy myself as I'm an engineer in the finemechanical industry. And being able to use a CNC milling machine aswell as conventional milling machinery and have some lath machinery at my feet as well.

Hope I didn't make anybody drewl and hope to see some replies of the guys who made something like that in order to get to a great idea.

Thanx in advance.

BTW I allready learned a bunch about free mods wich I'm gonna do all together.

Srry bout the crappy english as it is not my native language. (I'm from Holland)

Greetz Sjoerd

Welcome to TT... :D

I don't know of anyone who has done the mod you are describing, but we would all love to see pictures of what you end up doing... :)

BTW, your English is great... there are some people on here whose first language is English and we cannot comprehend what they are saying sometimes...

Good luck,


hoi zoert.

welkom bij thumpertalk :)

make sure you post photo's of this mod. i wanna do something too.

For sure I'll post pics and a short manual on how to..

I still have some jobs to do before I can start messing with my airbox.

BTW eurotrash these are the only dutch words you know?

Looks like you've you got some dutch friends.

Do you ride offraod aswell? Or just supermoto?

I've raced in the Dutch supermoto championship last year.

Turned out to be a little bit to expansive without any sponsors.

I raced a modified MuZ baghira. 61HP and 71Nm (rearwheel that is) This is what I'm missing from the little 426, bottom power.

Thanx for the reply I'll inform you on how it worked out for me.

Greets Sjoerd.

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