Toggle switch in the grey wire circuit?

Just wondering if anyone has installed a toggle switch in the grey wire circuit? With a flip of the switch you could go from WR mapping to YZ mapping or visa versa. The switch could be mounted on the handle bar for easy access. What do you guys think? Would this be worth the effort?

As I've read before, the engine should be turned off before you can switch maps.

Dunno if it is any handy at all.

I've done this and it is true the engine has to be killed and restarted after flipping the switch. You can do it on the go by using killswitch then feathering the compression release lever (unless you are already on auto-decomp). I actually like having it this way. I run YZ mode 90% of the time but when the going gets mucky I will often go to WR mode. The difference is noticable (if your bike is well tuned) and I think worth it :). If your bike isn't tuned properly you probably won't notice much difference, you know how it is. I mounted my switch between the bar top-clamps. Good luck.


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