Oil X

For a YZ426 what is the best weight/brand of oil to buy?

Also what a reasonable price for a new oil filter?


NOT HONDA HP4M 20-50 WEIGHT!!! That is what the dealer was selling me to put in my 00 426- come to find out it has moly in it (an additive that will make the clutch slip). If you prefer synthetic oil, I recommend Mobil 1 15-50 weight (in the red cap). That is what I am currently running in my bike. For a non-synthetic oil, Mobil Delvac 20-50 is supposed to be good. Go to www.yft.org/tex_vfr/tech/oil.htm and thank dirtdad, he's the one who told me about the site. It has a lot of good information. I paid $12 for an oil filter from the dealer, you probably won't find one anywhere else. Hope this helps.

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Somewhere aroud $10-$11 is what I pay for an oil filter in Houston area. That's with the standard "non-racer" price increase. :)

I paid 7.50 for a K&N oil filter form Rockymointainmc


I also got 1 gallon (1 liter) of Castrol Actevo 20-50 non Moly non synt for 11 bucks

at Chapparel

Is the K&N oil filter you bought washable/reusable like the air filters they make for cars and motorcycles?

seams to be,

The stock filter is washable. Just be careful with it.


I run the Castrol Actevo 10-40, should I be running the 20-50, what's the diff?


I realize this is bringing back an old thread..

The difference is recommended temperature range.



14 - 110 degrees


40 - 120+ degrees


(taken from '02 426 manual)

I dont know about you, but I dont ride when its colder than 40 and hotter than 110. You should be OK with either. The critical part being how quickly the engine can pickup oil and lube the engine when the temps are cold and the oil is thick.

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