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Bought my first Husky! 2005 TC250

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Hey All,


I just picked up this 2005 TC250, I haven't gotten it in dirt yet...but I'm pretty happy with it. I bought it from I really nice guy outside LA

and he had 4 Huskys in his garage. The bike has pretty low hours, he bought it from the original owner who hardly rode it, and the current owner's

kids only rode it a couple times before they moved on from riding. I own a 2016 CRF250R that I'm going to have to put away when red sticker season

is over...so I needed a green sticker bike and this Husky is going to do just fine I'm betting.


I started it this morning stone cold...pulled the choke and gave two twists on the throttle and fired up within about 0.5 seconds after pushing the starter. After

riding it in the neighborhood streets for a few it seems soft on the bottom but comes alive mid to top and pulled good. I'm not expecting it to be like my EFI

250R...but I was pleasantly surprised how well it did. Just need to get it dirty now.



It has the original tires that I'm replacing, a new battery and the previous owner checked the valves before selling it and they were still in spec. I was a tad

thrown off seeing a decompression lever on an electric start only bike, but I guess they don't take it off if you don't get the kickstarter option.


Can't wait to hit the trail with it! :ride:







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I've taken it to my small local place 3 times...but this coming weekend I want to take it to the bigger playground at Hollister Hills and put it through it's paces on some harder trails. Even though it was pretty clean when I bought it...it had a no spark problem the first week and I spent some time going through other stuff. Here's what I've done so far:


Tires and tubes

Shorai lightweight Battery

New Stator/Flywheel

New Throttle cable

Steering stem bearings  (painful...bottom pressed on bearing was original and rusted on)


Spark Plug

Rebuild front master cylinder

Radiator crossover tube

Flush and fill with Engine Ice

New sprockets and chain

...and of course normal air filter, oil filter and oil. This Husky calls for a quart and a half of 10w-60 synthetic 4t oil...kinda pricey and can't be found on a shelf anywhere.


Probably have about $800 in it since I bought it...I sure hope I like it...lol

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for what it's worth, I've always used 15w50 in mine with zero issues.  I used to change it after every race and have never gone more than about 10 hours on it though. 


It's hard to believe my bike once looked like  yours!

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