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2016 KTM SXF supermoto conversion

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Hi all, new to the forum, been playing on different bikes for years and im still alive which brings me to my question, I'm  considering using my 350 sxf both ways. Is there a full conversion kit available or anything that differs from my model bike that needs special consideration? 

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Welcome aboard Junk!  Great choice for an SM conversion.  There are lots of things that you can buy but the big question really comes down to what you want to do and what you want to spend.  There are many wheel companies out there that vary from about $800 for a wheelset to a few grand.  There are companies out there that offer kits but here are some suggestions.


KTM sells SM rims in the hardparts catalog and the way KTM handles wheelbearings is different than other companies.  The Axle size only changes what spacers you run, all the hubs for many years have been the same.  This is a nice feature cause it means that if you decide to change KTMs or if you have a few bikes the wheelsets can easily change by just using your spacers.  I run Alpina SM rims on my 450 and they use KITE hubs which have the same setup.  All other wheels i've used or seen have the bearing ID match the axle.  Basically just keep this in mind as it can be helpful for swapping bikes or even resale.  My alpinas set me back about $1800 but they are tubeless and i got a 16.5 front and a 5.5wide rear with custom colors.


With that out of the way lets talk about what you need.  This goes back to what you want to do.  If you go with a wheelset from Warp9 you get rims, front and rear brake rotors with a front caliper relocation bracket and a rear sprocket in most cases.  The price is pretty good and if you catch them on sale or in some odd color that someone didn't buy you could get into a set for under $800.  With this you then need to get some rim bands(to protect tubes), Tubes and tires.  Depending on what track you are going to you will need to get a coolant catch can setup.  Since your bike is FI you shouldn't have to worry about fuel catch like us still running carb bikes :).  Then the track will also have requirements about things like sliders.  For peg sliders i run warp9 pegs with sliders BUT KTM hardparts have sliders for pegs depending on pegs you have.  I also run the KTM hardparts SM axle sliders.  You will most likely want some wrap around handguards with sliders as well.  I run some Cyrcras with SME bar end sliders(company is no longer in business) but i think Acerbis makes SM hand guards with sliders built on.  Muffler slider is a good investment too.  The only company i know that makes them is "Advanced Performance Accessories".  Its not just a piece of silicone tube and a band clamp.  It doesn't melt.  


That's the basics.  You can then start to think about upgrades like the front brake, slipper clutch etc.  Before i would worry about those things I would invest in some good slicks and tire warmers.  I like the Dunlop lightweight GP/SM tires.  Depending on your tracks and temps you would have to pick what softness you want.  I've run Bridgestones and they are really good as well.  Very soft tire that complies well.  Maxxis Presa tires are good if they still make them and i think the general consensus is that Michelin tires are the best SM for grip at serious lean angles.  I've run goldentyres and wasn't happy with them.  I will say that they have upgraded their compounds since i ran them based on feedback so i would probably give them another shot.


And your question about  kits.  Some companies like Motostrano sell different level kits.  It's been awhile since i have looked at them to see if you really get any sort of discount by buying that way.  From what i remember they still didn't have anything.


Here are some ideas for companies.


Motion Pro - Coolant Catch/Recovery Tank

APA - Muffler Slider

Warp 9 - Sm rims and pegs/sliders

KTM hardparts - Axle sliders, peg sliders and SM rims(also SM front fender but not sure how it works with the 13+ Front fender setup).  I run 07 Fork guards, they are relieved to fit the SM wheel from the factory.  The new bikes dropped the wrap around guards so you might be okay there.

SME(supermoto engineering) for sliders if you can still find them.

Cycra and Acerbis for wrap around hand guards

racetireservice.com for dunlop tires.  their site has changed a bit and i don't know what tires are still available.  Floridasupermototireservice was a bridgestone SM tire dealer.  GoldenTyre has dealers in lots of areas.

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On 2/13/2017 at 8:13 PM, junk5381 said:

Woah! Thx so much, really appreciate the help and insight!!

No Problem!  If you have any questions just ask.  I have converted a handful of bikes for road/track/dirt duty and some for track only so i've been there.  Many people have 1 bike and use it both ways.  If you can its easier to keep 2 bikes.  The swap process isn't that hard but there are some things that become a pain.  For example the chain for the SM setup is shorter cause you are typically at least 3 teeth down on the rear to make the gearing about the same as Dirt, but you might end up going further depending on the track.  I was able to set my DRZ up to run the same chain between SM and Dirt.  My SXFs on the other hand not so much.  But i do run a 53t rear sprocket on the dirt.  I think i have a 45 and 46 for the SM setup.


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