Extreme Enduro Setup for bike and rider?

12 hours ago, ballisticexchris said:

I did get off topic a lot. in the spirit of staying on the subject, here is what I do. I no longer race but set all my bikes up like i still race. I hate breaking down on the trail

On all KTM's this is a must! You might go 10 years with nothing happening then one day you end up with no brakes in the worst spot. This is a tip from my District 37 racing buddy after losing my pads in the desert.



I used to use riveted chains only. I do so many gearing changes these days I've opted to use clips and silicone them. I saw a neat trick on ADV rider where the guy safety wired his clip. Don't do it. Turns out it's 100% bullshit! I tried it and it lasted a few revolutions of the wheel before breaking off.


For extreme rides in the rocks where I need real traction I groove my tires. They will chunk a bit but stick like velcro. Best to do it on worn out tire.


Lots of zip ties wherever they will fit and I always carry a tube of Quicksteel.

Steel zip ties when near exhaust.


Lots of zip ties to keep bike together!


For temps over 300 degrees I opted to line my 4 gallon tank. It actually works. I only get vapor lock and boil gas once or twice a ride and only when temps are hovering in the 300 degree range.


Flip your clevis pin for easy brake arm removal (so you can bend it back in shape) and don't forget the brake snake.


I am all about enjoying my ride and get the bike going quickly when it breaks. 




Got some great tips there and some great pictures.. I like that silicone link.. hey more the better..

As far as  2 vs 4 stroke and extreme mods whatever those may be.. hey whatever.. .just put whatever mod for whatever bike you ride...For sure what works well for one guy still wont work best for another.. but it's good to see what others do and maybe it is a good fit for another rider.... both 2 and 4 stroke are great and still an evolution that is continuing...I mean in endurocross for ex.. I would have sworn that once the 300 2t's came online for Beta I did not expect that guys would go back to a 4 stroke 350 for endurocross ...but it did. This isn't to me a thread with one direction for one specific kind of discipline of riding. I figure there are specific extreme mods that are  This just started for me when I saw that one enduro21 article with one guys extreme setup  strictly for extreme enduro on a high level. .. like the gel packs on the handlebar.. it's a good idea but I wouldn't do it for me.. I think my klim pants pockets might be a better choice.. I'm not fit enough to race for many hours and be on the pegs the whole time type of thing. Actually a tiny pause might be in order as the hard long races it's about pacing yourself , being calm, not making many mistakes and recovering..breathing is a big one and stretching your energy level toward the level and length of time of the race.. A sprint enduro is different than a hare and hounds around here for instance. I really like the cool chainsaw pics too! Locally I see guys not going that route but putting little chain saws in their backpacks..and there are a wide variety of machetes, cane knives and little portable fold out saws.. even little picks etc.. again.. that's for another kind of extreme and for another worthy discipline... to keep our trails clear..and to cut trails..for the guys in the wooded and grassy areas. Every place is not the same so it's interesting to see what everyone rides.. from desert to sand to mountains and snow to mud and grass and nothing but rocks.. to jungle and beautiful woods.. it's all great!!!

Ok this is another product that is out now that more are using locally.. it's another option than just a rope and friends to help..  I'd  figure that maybe if you are alone or with maybe one other rider that this could help in certain hard situations... but it fits with the extreme side..




On 2/16/2017 at 8:00 AM, wwguy said:

Here in Idaho, where 61% of the state is public land, those of us riding with saws often get to go places others can't.  I've been carrying mine on the rear fender of my Xtrainer, on a Pro Moto Billet saw carrier attached to the Nomadic Cycle Racks Beta rack, mounted over a Fox shock with 6.1 kg spring.  My saw weighs about 10 lbs. with 16" bar, which I do notice hanging off of the rear subframe when I get a case of the spontaneous uphill wheelies in steep rocky terrain.

I've since fitted a set of 48 mm CC Zokes to the XT, so I'm working on a custom saw carrier to attach to my triples similar to that shown in the last couple of photos below.














That's a first class setup here.. Nice!!!

5 hours ago, Marylander said:

Think this one'll be lighter?

I don't know.. maybe not.. it looks stronger.. but I can't tell . The coverage is excellent and I really can't imagine it being heavier than the custom cage guards that guys are using.. but the good thing is the pipe just wont ever need to be changed from getting all dented up so I wont be ever buying a pipe again . I plan on keeping my 300rr sort of forever.. or a long long time anyway. I'm just going to keep it and trick it out..and make it modded for me the best possible. There aren't any bikes better out there to buy right now..and I don't see any in the future either.

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Here's an older vid.. but fits here... This bike is set up for extreme with all the bells and whistles..Maui guy I think... owns it or had it made... super trick bike..I like the goodies on this one..some at least..this must have cost him a bit of money..but it's about the best of everything..depending on what you like.


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This is sort of related too.. what you bring with you in your pack can make the difference if you finish or not.. although this might be more for just trail riding.. for a race I'm thinking a lighter setup might be in order..It depends on the race and if tools are anywhere available or you're on your own.


When these guys get going there will be more options.. this just looks like how custom guards  are.. but this is going to be more mass produced.. nice.


On my 09 525 RS the rear fender is plastic and not a good handle. It's plastic and it sort of flexes and feels like it's going to break when grabbing and moving around..but I guess not everyone takes a 525 in extreme riding so.. . so what really worked out to be a great handle is a luggage rack.. i got it so it would be good for street dirt riding.. but especially in the dirt the leverage is great..  I wouldn't recommend it for every bike.. but for some it works well.  



ktm has these handles for an option.



Here's a sort of half assed attempt at a hard enduro bike explanation but there is some good info so here it is..





choice of bike..??

No bike setup .. but still related.


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