Extreme Enduro Setup for bike and rider?

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    • By kenrenslow
      If you use Google Chrome, don't forget to hit the translate button!
    • By hawaiidirtrider
      Pol Tarres came in 6th in Minas.. I noticed a Beta in there in the gold class in some of the vids . I figured it was him. He's an amazing rider that has transferred over from the trials world to extreme enduro on Beta. He's won some big extreme enduro races already.. Alem I think.. forget now.. but it's fun to see another top rider in the world in with the likes of Cody Webb and Graham Jarvis and so many of the other greats.

    • By hawaiidirtrider
      I've been watching extreme enduro races all over the world.. Brazil, Croatia, UK, Italy , Germany and all kinds of other places....
      I just was wondering what extreme enduro races are held in the USA? I know of a few but thought there has to be a bunch more but maybe there is just not enough advertising or something.  I figure some might put in whatever extreme enduro race that they know and give information about it. I'm talking extreme enduro now.. not anything that's a wide open race that isn't technical and hard... so this is a list thread with some information about the race.. where it's held.. what kind of race and terrain and maybe stuff like how to enter and other related information.  Blackwater was the old race that was known as a hard race but is no longer many years now.. but a good list of races might be a good thing... so post up extreme enduro races in the United states.
      I'll start with one . We have our premier race for our state which is a hare and hound but it really is a hard hard extreme enduro. It's on Kauai.  It's the Kauai Labor Day Hare and hound and been in existence for over 6 decades now if I remember right... 63 yrs?
      scroll down..
      here's a promo vid 
      a little bit of one race..
    • By hawaiidirtrider
      Ok so for extreme enduro what do the top pros use for suspension and whats the type of setup?
      we talk about the kinds of tires they use and if they use manual or auto clutch for extreme enduro.. The suspension seems like the logical next question.