Ty Davis!!!!!!!!!!!

Ty kicked some serious A$$ today!!!

Jericho ut ntl'

Pulled the hole shot aand never looked back.

good to see #14 back in the groove!!!

That bike is awesome!

Looks like 2005 technology.

Ti subframe etc etc.

I don't know if everyone knows this but TY and his dad are responsible for TONS AND TONS of aftermarket products and ideas for this big ol'beast!

My friend Dustin Headman took 5 kicks to get off of the line with his crf450 and still caught up to the top 20 in the first 3/4 mile b4 they crammed into the sand dunes where we were watching. By the end of the first loop 42miles.....Ty had put up a 85 second lead and lookin good. Dustin had worked his way up to 9th and Ty took the #1 and Dustin pushed up to 6 OA.Not quite sure how the bike was even runnning after looking at his filter at the end of the race! Maybe that is why he said the thing was running like crap!?

Destry was in 3rd behind Brian Brown by 10seconds after teh first loop but unsure of how they finished. Man those guys are FAST.

Not sure of how many of you guys get to see NTL' hare n hounds but if you get a chance (and I have only seen 2 because I am usually racing) they are incredible. To see those guys bangin bars a 80mph in the sage brush is awesome.!!!

G :)Zip Ty racing web site >>>here<<< :D

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TRH, Cool post!!! Thanks!! Those guys are in their own world. My hero's

is ty davis still racing the yzf most of the results and pictures i've seen latley have him on the two stroke yz250?? whatever he rides he sure does HAUL though!!!

GO TY!!!!!

I have some video of the start and some of the pits.

If anyone (maybe motoman393) can clue me in on xfering vid to mpg ro something, then I could maybe post it ???

He rides different bikes for different events. (Must be nice). For the tighter stuff he rides the 250 2-stroke and for the big races he rides either the 250f or a 426f depending of the course and maybe even who he rides with.


I have a semi blurry pic of Ty and myself bar to bar at the Adelanto Grand Prix last year. I like to tell people I was keeping up but really was just a lucky shot. He flew by me later in the race on a straightaway. I was banging the rev limiter to the tune of 80MPH and he flew by me. Had to have been doing 100+! I couldn't hold onto my bike after that one race and he raced twice more that day and twice again the next. I didn't know whether to be indignant or the clap for the guy. He's definitely my favorite desert racer.

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