Looking to buy 00 WR 400. Need advise. Please help

I am looking at purchasing a 00 WR 400. I was just wondering what you think of this bike? What kind of mods would need to be done for a 6'4 240lb rider. Would this be a good bike for me? Or should I stick with looking for a Xr 400? Is there any issues with this year WR? I know it seems like I have heard about starting issues does this apply to this year bike. Also is $3200obo a good price. I know it is quite abit high for the KBB price. Also it is almost all stock. Also are oem and aftermarket parts readily avalable for this year bike?

I owned a 2000 WR400 and it was a great bike. Started easily. Nearly all of the parts for the WR and YZF from 00 through 02 are interchangeable. Around here $2,700 would be a fair price but this will vary around the country.

The only issue with the starting is that it will take one kick to get it fired(once you learn how to work the decomp lever) other than that they will make a xr 400 look and feel like a mini bike. The xr is fine for a moderate trail rider, but if you want something that will shred straight out of the box the wr is your bike. :)

Thanks. I am going to be checking into it farther. But so far looks like to right bike for me. :)

I currently have one and love it. However, it is far from stock. There are plenty of aftermarket parts for this bike, just depends on how much $$ you are willing to spend. If you do some searches you will find a list of mods that can be done for fairly cheap. I have pretty much converted mine to a YZ like quite a few people have done here. As for the price, $3200 seems pretty high. I paid less than that for mine last year when I bought it.

The WR 400 is an awesome bike! I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with one. I bought mine about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. It was bone stock when I bought it and I was very pleased with the power. I am 6'2 and 230 so it should be just right for you. After I had it a while I did all the free mods and then some that weren't. Completely different bike now but still a kick in the shorts to ride! :)

These bikes rule! I have a 99 and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. They're ease to start if they are tuned right and you learn the drill. :) Cam

You will not look back !

I have a 00 and apart from oil changes i has only had one service in two years not a thing needed changeing or adjusting it is a fantastic bike.

takes a while to get used to starting first kick but once mastered it is very easy to start.

All ways go for as near standard as possible as you could be buying someones BODGE!!

Good look !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

:thumbsup:Go for it! I just bought a 99 wr400 imaculate w/ fmf pipe, dmc header, baja designs lighting kit, scotts steering stablizer(a must for moov'n out)$400.00 alone before install, new tires, very little use on this bike. I am still finding mods that I just did not Know Were mods. I paid $3000.00 firm out of Malibu Ca. and was glad to do it.

Second owner is who I purchased it from Who rode it once and had too much trouble starting it. I brought it home 2 weeks ago and have no problem starting it as I did the first couple of times. There is a trick but it is easy. Good Luck :)

I have had my 99 WR400 since Oct, and it still amazes me everytime I ride it. I am 245lbs, so I put Race Tech springs and gold valves front and rear, and I have no problems with woops and jumps now. (I was bottoming out on small jumps, and large whoops. :D) The new suspension was night and day over stock, and well worth the $400 bucks for everything. :) Hope this helps...

Would you mind sharing the spring rate of your new springs (front and back). Did you change them yourself or have Race Tech do it for you? Thanks.

I have a 00 400 and love it. I bought it in August last year and it was all stock, except for a couple of the easy free mods. I have added everything in my signature line below, but even when I first got it the thing just rocked! Your price seems relatively fair for CA, assuming it is in good condition, has been maintanined and is not hammered. You will love this bike. Once you learn the starting drill, which seems to be harder for folks coming from 2 strokes like me, it ALWAYS starts first kick hot or cold. Best bike I have ever owned and way faster than I could hope to be... :)

I love my 99 WR 400 but I would rather a WR 250 for all the tight single track we ride.

I just bought a '00 WR400 from a dealer for 3280$ but it tons of mods and is in awsome cond. Before buying I looked up KBB and found this:

Suggested Retail Value $3455 and this is for a stock machine. So if you get one for less than that you should feel pretty good, but I guess that all depends on the area where you live, bikes seem to hold their value up here in Idaho.

I am the original owner of a 00 wr400, I am 6foot5 and 240, I have no desire to own anything else, I have modified it here and there to keep up with the power of the new bikes, but even when it was stock it was the only bike I wanted.You cant go wrong with it. :)

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