Hebo Clutch

I'm kind of thinking of installing a Hebo Clutch on my 03 WR450 andwould like to know where to order one and the cost. I did a search and could find almost nothing. HELP.


I dont know about HEBO, but Magura just hooked me up phat. Hands down the best customer service I have seen in a long time. They stand behind their product 100%. I jacked up my slave cylinder recently and sent it back. They sent me a new slave cylinder free, and I was the second owner of the clutch. Plus I called them to see if they would replace the rubber boot and bolt for the lever, and they sent me one free. :thumbsup:Magura, its worth a shot...

Jim, I bought mine at erider.com. I would suggest you go for the Magura, they have one that will fit. My Hebo clutch worked great when it was new but has proven to be unreliable over time.


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