I have a 2001 426 and I want to run a headlight on my bike. I don't want to have to pay the $500 plus for an aftermarket stator. I have seen some external stators but it looks like they add to the width of the motor on the left side. I have a fly wheel wight on my bike and I am not sure if everything would fit and I have already had to bend out my shift lever to make room for that mod. do any of you guys have a good line on what I could do. I have posted a stitch on the wr forum to see if any of those guys would trade me stators or if they knew a way to help me. thanks

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moose offers a 45 watt lighting coil stator for the yz426 i have one on my '01 426 works pretty good but with the headlight and taillight it gets pretty dim at idle so maybe just a headlight would work better.the only draw back is you replace the whole stator and you have to cut the wires off of you good stock stator or make a new stator harness,i also have a flywheel weight and didn't want to throw it away by using the wr ignition,stator,flywheel,cdi,ect.i think it sells for $219 and i believe it's made by electrix,i think white brothers sells the same thing

good luck jeff

I just put a 45w electrex stator on my 99 yz400. I got it thru rocky mountain for $170. You can also get it directly thru electrex. as said above it dosn't put out much power. but its street legal, Elextrex also has a rewound 130w wr stator/flywheel assy for $300. elextrex has a web site. I like mine. Although I was a little nervous cutting my stator wires away from the backer plate.

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