What is the best chain to use on my XR 600 R ? The area I ride in is covered in very fine dust and some sand also. I was looking at the DID X ring chain. I am looking for a chain that will last a long time with a minimum maintenance. Should I also get new sprockets also ? What kind of sprockets should I get ?



If you have no fear, you didn’t go as fast as you could have …

Moose X-Ring chain and chromoly steel sprockets. Awesome in my opinion. :)

DID x-ring is great chain. Ironman sprockets are great but expensive. Primary Drive Sprockets are cheap but seem to get very good reviews. I have PD sprockets and DID x-ring chain on the 400. My rear sprocket on the 650 is PD and front is an Ironman.

Ironman sprockets and DID ERV2 chain. I have them on both my 650 and 450 with a staked master link - indestructible!

I'm right there with Thumpdaddy...DID ERV2 and Ironman 15/47

DID ERV2 & Ironman = :D :D :)

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