Riding areas in Colorado

Hey fellow dirt guys, I'm looking to move from the Memphis area ( imagine that ) to Colorado.  I've been there twice with my buddies and we rode around Gunnison and Taylor Park.  That's the only place I've been in and ridden in Colorado.  Not sure where we'll move to exactly, but we're considering the Fort Collins area.  Can someone who lives in Colorado or in the northern part of the state clear something up for me; as far as national forests goes, parks, etc., how can I determine where dirt bikes are allowed ?  I'd like to obtain this information in order to help me decide areas to consider moving to.  I don't want to move there and then discover I have to drive 3 hours just to be able to ride.  BTW, I'm not much into fire roads and jeep trails, I'm most likely like most of you fellas and prefer single track trails.  Any help would be appreciated !! 


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I moved to an area just east of Canon City, CO in late 2013 from Clarksville, TN. Moved back to middle TN in late 2015. While I like summers out there, I did not enjoy the winters. Not much snow where I lived, so that was ok. Could see Pikes Peak from the back yard. There are other variables that led up to me leaving.

By the way, I'll be back there a couple of times this year doing some riding.