Any with a 41 FCR on their 650L


I am having major probs with getting my new carb to work.

It is only running off of the accel pump. It will not start without mucho twisting of the wrist. It of course will not idle.

What I would like to know is if anyone hs used this carb and did you have to change the pilot jet.

I have talked to sudco X3 with little results, had the bike totaly gone over, no valve probs, even gone through 2 batteries.

Any ideas, I know it is lean but I was hoping someone with knowledge working with this carb might have some hints




Anybody come on help a brother

Really Nobody?

I am the first ooooooh I feel so special!!!

Check this link out:

After (if) you join the XRL usergroup, do a search and post a message. You should get (at least) some feedback. I've read discussions about this carb there, though I don't run one myself.

Good luck.

I am actually a member of that list but there seems to be more traffic here so I thought I would post here first. Now as you suggest I will go there, Thanks


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