Diff between the org coolant and green

I am new here and was looking for some pointers on the diff between the orange and Green Coolant

aka Prestone and say Havoline Dox.

I only saw one post that said No Org coolant.

Is there any harm in the use of orange in the yz426

I have orange in my bike, whats the big deal?????

I was reading through the posts and found a couple that said the orange is not to be used.

So I asked. I am using the Havoline Dox, it is made specificly for aluminum, Non Silicates.

I was just concerned I put the wrong stuff in my YZ


I just did a search on coolant and saw a few post stating orange coolant was bad. But nobody said why, does anyone know???

The Orange coolant is designed for aluminum and will last up to 60,000 miles in a car. The green only lasts about 30,000 miles before it starts changing to an alkaline state, what accelerates this action is that the green coolant has silicates in it. No harm using the orange coolant with a 50\50 mix with DISTILLED water, don't use tap water in your bike !!!

Thanx dan :)


Whew, I was sweating bullits, the Radiator is 600 bucks a pop.

I was debating to flush my system until I read this place.

My neighbor told me to use the Havoline Dox, he uses it in his Mustang GT, fully blown Alluminum Radiator, Block head and Blower. I figured it would not harm the YZ until I read the posts.

It sure would be nice if people posted the reasosn no to use something other then just saying dont

The Orange coolant is a special kind developed for KTM brand motorcycles, you know how they like to be color coordinated right down to the coolant. :)

I have been using the Texaco Havaline Dex-Cool in my bikes for about 8 years. The Dex-Cool is supposed to last 100,000 miles... I read. The "orange stuff" has no silicone silicates. I read that these are tiny silicone particle suspended in the fluid, and over time, they wear on the seals... sorta like liquid sandblasting. Knock on wood... I have never had a water pump seal fail through 1 KX 80... 3 YZ 125,s... 1 YZ 250... and 1 YZ 426. I believe in the "orange stuff" and don't forget to add 4 capfulls of Redline Water Wetter. It helps your bike run cooler by letting the water absorb and release heat better.

My 2 cents worth....

As Dan Rekito says "Don't use tap water" The Dex-Cool junk when mixed with plain tap water turns to a muddy- pastey like substance that plugs the tubes in your radiators. Not a good thing. Working in a GM dealership I see this all the time. ALWAYS use distilled water or just go back to the green stuff that was in it when new so if you are out in the boonies and over heat you can just add creek water or whater you have in your hydration system provided it is not a sports drink of some sort.


i use Honda HP Coolant, it is ok? :)

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