plugging hole in oil filter drain bolt?

Just stripped out the bolt in the bottom of the oil filter cover. Have read some references to this happening.

Has anyone actually plugged this hole and if so with what?

Is the hole only for draining the oil out the bolt hole?

Can I use some type of cleaner to spray inside the bolt hole to clean out bits of metal shavings prior to installing the bolt back in?

Has anyone actually cut the bolt shorter to avoid this?

Has anyone actually cut the bolt shorter to avoid this?

I chucked the bolt up in a drill and filed off about 1/2 of the threads. There is a hole in the filter compartment above the bolt. Metal filings will fall into the hole and removing the bolt will pull the filings through the threads. Long term this can't be good. Cutting it shorter should work fine.

I screwed up. Have you ever done anything and wished you hadn't? I went ahead and got a new bolt and also a tap to clean out the threads. I then thought I would blow out the hole but sprayed some contact cleaner in first and then the air compressor. Noticed when I used the air compressor that oil came out the other holes! Yikes I thought there was only one hole in the bolt hole but when I shined a light in the back of it is open and goes into the engine. Now I'm pissed that I sprayed contact cleaner it there!!! I put in new oil and ran the bike and will now change it again. I'm not so sure if I want to modify the bolt since I'm not sure on the function of the hole in the back. If I shorten the the bolt or file off the threads oil will be able to freely pass thru and I'm not sure it should.

FWIW if it's not to late. Once you strip a bolt there is a repair kit you can buy at most auto part stores called a Helicoil. You end up tapping the hole a little bigger then put an insert in the hole that gives you the same size threads. I had to do this to mine.

I had the same problem. I removed the inner clutch cover and then helicoiled the damaged thread. Just make sure that the helicoil goes in far enough so as not to block off the drain hole. If like me you clean the filter every oil change this isn't important.


does anyone know the purpose for the hole in the back of this bolt hole. I figure the other hole was supposed to be a drain if not taking the cover off but just taking out the bolt.

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