Wheels to wr450 -03??

Im from norway, and i woundering if some one knows if the wheels from drz 400 2000, will fit a wr450 -03?? I know a guy he have supermotard wheels, that i can get for 900$. New cost about 2000-2500$.. I dont own a wr yet, but i will in next week i hope.. The bike cost 8000$ registreded, that a god price in norway, bike run 50-100mils, in enduro, not road, with new plastic, oil change.. Son of a yamha dealer. this is a god price in norway. Ktm 520-525 cost 1500-2000$ more here, with the plate on it. He told me that if the .... key issue happens its a warranty case.. He also said that US model is not, the same as ours here in north. If some one have modefied some other wheels to fit wr plz let me know. sorry for my poor english

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