ATTN: All 6'1"+ Riders !!

If you have not yet lowered your pegs, you have to do this mod. Before I did this mod I couldn't grip the seat with my knees, and the air holes in the rad shrouds dug into my knees. Now after lowering the pegs my knees are below the holes in the rad shrouds, and are close enough to pinch the seat. At the same time I had the pegs off I took them over to the grinder and sharpened them. All I have to say now is my feet sure aren't slipping off the pegs EVER again. All you need is a hacksaw and a welder. It is a very easy mod to do, comparable in difficulty to the BK mod. See below picture.


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so what do you do to make this work, i am 6,3 and this would be a great mod to do. i would have a welder to the job because i know i would destroy the peg if i did it. could you either e mail or post a better description of what you are doing and give some more pics. before and after would be great if you could. thanx

Go out to look at your bike. Look at the pegs and you will see the peg and the spring below it. What I do is cut off the tube that is holding the spring, and weld it on the top of the peg. Then swap the springs to the other side.

Motoman393: It is not hitting in the same spot, it looks like it will make a new indention, but I will probly weld a little tab on it to make it have a bigger contact patch to hit.

The pic isnt showing up...if you email me the pic I will post it for you! My tripod account wouldnt let me post pics either :)

Whenever you lower the your kickstarter hitting the peg at a point where it will make an indention on the kickstarter? It normally hits on the little tab (when stock), but does it hit there now? The reason I ask is: I read on here that someone was having this problem and had to buy a new kick starter.

Did you adjust the shifter height too ?


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Actually, you don't need a welder. Just cut off the barrel and put it on the top side. It can be used as a spacer. Fastway sales pegs with the barrel not attached. There are other posts that talk about doing the mod this way. No one has mentioned yet that the peg has broken. If you look at the amount of metal left, It is quite a bit.

I did this as the FIRST mod to my bike. I rode a regular 426 last week and could not believe the difference. It was easy to do and my next step is to swap the top clamp with my buddy,he has a 2002 426 and mine is a 2000 model.

I want to do this to mine as well...looks easy like you say. The peg drops down and back...that would help me alot...

One question? Do any of you guys fear getting your toe caught up under the peg since it's so much lower?...I've broke several toes with the stock setup....I'll really need to be aware of my foot placement when I jump...especially in corners...

I'm still going to modify mine....thanx for the idea.

I was wondering the same thing. I hit my feet enough as is.

Anyone have any input on this??

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