1988 Suzuki LT300E Starter clutch

Hello everyone! As you can see, I am new here. I am having a nightmare of a time locating a Starter clutch assembly for a 1988 Suzuki LT300E Quadrunner that I am currently working on. I've tried numerous parts houses and from the best I can tell the part has been recently discontinued. I have had no luck finding a used assembly or an aftermarket replacement.

My next option is to try and "rebuild" this assembly but I can't seem to find a part number for the one-way bearing. Does anyone happen to have the part number or a source to get this info? I am looking at other similar year Suzuki parts to try to cross reference it in hopes that one from another bike may fit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. So far I see a vast group of knowledge and mechanical wizards on this site, so maybe I will get lucky.


Thanks, Skin

So I finally managed to find a used assembly. When the part arrived I took it out of the box and the bearing on the starter clutch spins freely both ways. Does anyone know if this particular model just does that? It is confusing me because every other starter clutch I have changed only spins one-way (hence the name) and will not spin the opposite direction unless faulty.

Any thoughts?

It seems that after lots of delays I have gotten the starter clutch one-way sorted out. I put the side case on yesterday afternoon and today I should be filling it with oil and cleaning the carb before I attempt to fire this little fella up. Hopefully all goes well :thumbsup:

A little bit of a delay in the reporting on this thread but I finished up the little quad and it runs like a champ. It is amazingly clean for a 29 year old machine.

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