Thoughts on a 76 IT400

there is a fairly clean 76 it400 for sale I've been eyeing.  The bike is complete and in overall good shape. I know this is the first year of the IT . I already have an IT200 and 250 from the 80s. I thought it would be cool to add a first year bike to the collection.  

Any reasons not to get it.  Is this bike at all collectable?  my plan would be to restore it and ride it once and a while. 

Any pics ? 

Cool old bike..but collectability of old Japanese dirt bikes is limited. Some guys are buying the old MX bikes to race vintage MX. The IT "Enduro" bikes probably have a limited appeal relative to a modern trail bike because I expect it is heavy, has limited suspension travel, and has a narrow 2-stroke power band.  If it's cool to you, then have fun with it. Just be careful about expecting to get your time and money back out of the bike if you decide to sell it later.

Collecting old bikes is cool and facinating to watch the evolution of technology and to share with your friends. I have a couple old bikes. However, how fun are they for you to ride relative to a newer bike? Are they just going to sit in the garage? They are a bit of a workout to ride fast! Have fun!!!!

Readily available parts I have learned are one of the major hurdles on these old ones.  I'm doing an old beater XL500 and I'm paying premium for old rusty parts.  Good luck with that 400 though.  When I was kid the lead guy in our group had a 76 IT400 and that thing would flat go. :)


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