I just had my new fmf factory 4 exhaust system put on and jetted,and omg its like riding a new bike it feels like i added around 8-10 hp which is probaly true , this thing with now demolish my freinds cr250r whcih used to beat me by 5 feet before.Its pretty loud but in all aspects it is worth it.btw i also have the powerbomb header.It truley feels like a new bike i cant keep the front end down now.

How much lighter is it then the stock pipe? Is it a lot louder then an uncorked stock pipe? Did it bolt wright on?

I am dying to spend some money on my bike. :)

Its a good bit lighter than the stock pipe,and it is a little louder than the uncorked stock,but the performance gains are unbelivable.I got the whole system so it just doesnt bolt right on and u have to jet it too,i just had my local dealer do it and so far its good.

Thanks for the info. What did you pay? What did you do for the jetting. Did you get the blue system? :)

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