Halogen vs HID lighting systems

Alright time for another vs. question. What do you all prefer?

What I am trying to figure out is what is the best bang for the buck? I have been looking at the dual light setup's from Baja Desings, but do not know whether to go with the halogen or the HID.

So let me know what you think. What do you guys use at night?

For me, $50 bought the Honda glass headlight, an 85 watt superwhite H3 bulb & the materials to rewind my stator for 200+ watts. It's been a great setup for me while trail riding (way better than stock!), but if I were riding often at much faster speeds (mid to high 4th gear or faster), then I'd definitely be looking for something better. I really enjoy riding off road at night and I don't think you'll find a better lighting system for less than $200.

The one light that really intruiges me that I might buy someday is a helmet light such as...


HID's have some advantages (along with disadvantages), but look at what the Dakar & Baja guys are running. There's a good track record with Halogen systems and if I were racing competively, I'd probably go for a dual halogen lamp setup with one lamp for wide viewing and the other for distance. I'm sure Irondude can give you some hard core facts on what works and what doesn't, epsecially when it comes to lights for racing.

For me its halogen...HID is just not reliable yet. Plus its way to expensive, and has several key drawbacks--namely it wont turn on right away if you stall the bike at night going around that surprisingly wooped out corner...it gets real dark out there without the lights on a moving, but stalled, bike.

My favorite dual light frame is the one Rob has-its turned stainless tubing--lighter than Ricky Stator, BD, but very strong. His is cheaper as well...

Add a 10 degree pencile and a 30+ degree flood--with 8 " lights...both 100 watts of course.

Buy a couple adjusting knobs (available from BD)

and finally--i use a basic trailer 3 wire connector. Cheap, heavy duty.

You can build the whole thing for under $500, no problem. Its best to have at least (2) sets for racing. I've had at least one light go out in every Baja 1000!

I agree with Qadson--run the seperate helmet light--i like the Nightryder. Some guys run 2 helmet lights. Its a great backup, lights up stuff around the corner, and you can work on your bike out in the middle of nowhere with it!

Cody Quinn was running third in the Baja 1000 when his HID's went out. His team soldiered on thanks to the helmet light...!

I also run the glass lens with a 80 watt H3 bulb for pre-running, fun trails. Great for getting ya home...if you arent racing--and want a cheap quick solution that goes beyond the OEM Honda glass--check out the single lights from www.rickystator.com

Cheap and tuff. He rewinds stators with dual 100 watt leads--a nice way to go.

Theres a reason Cambell uses halogen :) how can ya find those secret red and blue reflectors marking the cheater lines with out a reliable headlight light!!!!!!!!! :D

Hey Sunny.

step up and use both. I would use a helogen for the reliabuility and the HID for the extra light. This will be the system that I will be using. In the 1000. o" and by the way I just won the Mexicali GP over all and placed 2nd in the Hamal race that Code put on. We had a 4 min lead and some how on the last lap another mex team beat us. they made up 5 min and passed 4 bikes in 40 miles ? o well! Thats racing. Are you going to race the 500. I am doing pits for it and I will be racing with Rudy Iribi from baja cycles. If you need anything give me a call.

Hey Mike you beat me to the post. :)

Thanks for the input. Rob, what do you think your dual set up is going to be selling the kit together or is it going to be a build it yourself kind of deal? How do you set up both halogen and HID? They have to be wired independantly right? Which one do you use for the spot/flood?

Mike/Rob, do you have any pictures of your set-up? I definetely want to go with the dual light system just to have a back up. I don't like riding much at night without a light.

Rob, I am definetely planning on riding the 500 and the 1000 this year. Let me know when you have more info on the pit set-up? And by the way, congrats on your wins. What class are you racing, Pro I assume. You better be anyhow.

Thanks for the input. Talk to you soon.

The team that one the over 40 class at the 1000 had the hybrid system. They ran it in '02 but fried the battery for the HID and lost the light. In '03 they ran two batteries on the HID--and it actually lasted the length of the race. Both systems have independent 100 watt leads off the stator.

Honda B team ran HID and lost the lights while leading the last Baja 1000! Honda A team ran dual halogen and won...

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