Looped my bike the second time taking it out!

Hi :usa:

Back in November I looped my brand new WR450 going up this super steep hill that all of a sudden had a giant flat spot made by a rock. I wasn't used to my bike yet and the damn thing got away from me :). After it flew out of my hands, I jumped to the side and had to let go or it would have landed right on me :D. When I got it to the bottom of the hill, I noticed I bent the bars/brake lever/frame and put nasty scratches all over the fenders. I thought to myself, "well.. atleast now I don't have to worry about every little scratch and ding anymore, now I can ride like mad! :devil:" But now that dent that's the size of an accorn on the right of my frame is annoying the heck out of my. I know there's no way to pull it so I'm thinking of filling it in with something, but what? :D Do any of you out there know of some kind of bondo I can fill it in with? Some kind of strong putty-type junk? :D or any other method I can use to get rid of it? :usa:

Thanks again for all the help :D

It is a Steel frame and should be OK. You can just ride it and it should be fine. You can strip it down to the frame and take it to a machine shop to repair it. Steel is very easy to repair. :)

I have used a steal filler putty on dings in the past. Hardware store should have it...

Have a friend weld it up with a wire welder to fill it in,

then grind it and sand it so it looks right, then the fun

begins trying to mach the paint.

Good Luck Jerry :)

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