All prices include shipping. I accept money orders. Please no COD's. Thanks, Craig Graham.

Complete front wheel minus rotor-$175

Rear wheel, sprocket, spokes, hub, tire--$350

Top and bottom steering clamp-$50

Right radiator-$135

Left radiator-135$

For the both-$240

Complete seat-$50

Rear caliper, line, fluid rezzy,cylinder,pads-$85

Front caiper, line, rezzy, handle, cylinder-$60

Airbox with tube, filter and cage-$25

Front sprocket and chain-$25

Swingarm linkage-$40

Please contact me if you are interested at thompsoncreekrider@hotmail.com

Everything I sale is 100% money back guaranteed. Thanks again.

I also have the stock front and rear suspension, has no leaks. $400 shipped to your door. Thanks, Craig Graham.

Take 10% off everything of the prices above.....Thanks, Craig Graham.

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