XL500 Muffler

Working on this old 79 XL500.  I got a rusty header pipe that I've stripped down and getting it ready to paint.  Can anyone point me to fairly cost effective rear section?  It doesn't have to be stock.  I see I can pick up aftermarket spark arresters - but how do I get the mid pipe for connecting the spark arrester to the header?  Would a muffler shop have 1.25" pipe on hand?  Thanks for any input.

You can buy sections of 1.25" (32mm) pipe pre-bent at various angles. Need to join them together and fit some kind of universal muffler.

This sort of thing:


If you are handy with a welding torch it can be done.

If not a friendly exhaust place should be able to bend the pipe if you give them a drawing or sketch of what you want. 

that's the ticket.  thanks.


here in nz we can buy  reproduction exhaust systems complete for around 550 nzd to fit most old trail bikes on a made to order basis-google musket mufflers if your interested and IF they wont ship overseas you can pm me for help

Auto parts stores like Autozone and O'reilly have flex exhaust pipe for around $14 for 6 feet of it. I've seen some nice rebuilds using those.

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