Suspension for a 2001 YZ 426

How about a little help. I am not an expert when it comes to suspension. I have received valuable feedback from some local guys, but, I would like to have some insight from a few Pro's, AA or A riders. I race Harescrambles and Enduros. I race in the "B" class and weigh 185lbs. Other than adjusting the clickers,my suspension is stock.

One of the local 4-stroke "A" riders suggested using progressive rate springs.Is anyone using progressive rate springs? If so, what do you think?

What are guys like Barry Hawk and Ty davis doing with their suspension set-up when they come to the Southeast?

I Ride some MX and enduros. I can't speak for Barry Hawk, but I know Ty Davis uses Race-Tech suspension. My buddy has done some suspension work for him.

I have Race-Tech suspension in my 426.


I just recently went to the Race Tech web site. You can input your specifics and it will spit out a bunch of stuff about your clickers, spring rates, etc. It will try to sell you some valving and other parts, but you can ignore that.

I changed my clickers for a race this weekend (I have stock suspension with heavier [.48] springs in the forks, totally stock rear). My initial reaction is great. I love the way it felt; I was skeptical because the settings were very different from what I had. The most noticable difference was in the rebound. BTW, it is important to properly set the sag; get your girlfriend to help you measure that.

Good Luck.

Race Tech is great stuff and has great information on their site.

GP-Racing also has great set up info for both mx and off road." Give it a look. I have GP in my YZ 426 and Race Tech in my 250 (2 stroke) and both work great.

Thanks for the feedback. I will check out Race Tech and GP. Do you know if they use progressive springs or straight wound springs? Which is better?

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