Jericho Ut natl'

here is a link to the sageriders

some cool pix!


Lots of broken image links on that page for me. :)

Oh yeah it is legal to ride ther if YOU are LEGAL!!!

There is like 40,000 acres of SAND there.


I was going to have you check out that

because it used to be a lot better.

But there used to be some cool pix there and I cannot find them now.

But it is super cool.

I am suprised that the US GOV let us race insid the boundries even tho most of the race was outside I am sure they got their 7bucks/head!!!!


We rode down the fenceline of Little Sahara once on a single track for about30min and then thought we were cutting a shortcut back to the truck by cutting thru the dunes!!!!NOT

1.5 hrs with play time on Dec7!

Pretty cool except on the north sid e of EVERY dune was solid or snow!

Had to be very carefull!

Pretty cool place!

'CEPT the frigin' tree (or in Glamis' case......WEED huggers!!!!) :):D

Is the race site area part of the Little Sahara Rec Area? Is it a legal to ride there when there is no race? It looks like a pretty good trail riding area.

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