Fastline Brake Line?

Hello, I am looking into getting a Fastline brake system and I want to know if it adds more stopping power to the brakes and makes the brakes feel more solid? It should mount to the stock fork guards with a little fabrication right? Thanks...


THe Fastline brake line if run to the front brake like Hondas does add stopping power although not a huge amount. Your best bet is to go with an oversized rotor and change out the stock brake pads with a set of honda pads. I personally think the routing of the Yamaha brake line sucks as you have to run that goober guard around the bottom of the fork. But overall the Yamaha brakes are not as good as a honda and even with changing the brake line they still wont be as good.



Hey DMX,

I just bought the Fastline brakeline and a mount from RideEngineering and should have it mounted before my next ride. I've heard it helps quite a bit, although still not like a Honda front brake.

I'll give you my opinion on the setup after Thursday.

I've got a rookie question though: is it correct to assume the "skinny" end of the brakeline goes on the bottom :) ???


When put a fastline on my 99 400 the brake line would only fit one way.

The banjo bolts were angled so that it fit right in only one direction.

It definitely made a difference in stopping power, but like eveyone says, not as good as Honda.

The Fastline Honda route helps thats for sure. Making sure you dont have a glaze problem is a key point. I made a major improvement by sanding the disc with 320 wetordry sandpaper to remove the glaze and went with new pads. It stops well, with good feel, but, no, its not Honda like.

Ride Engineering also has brake lines to go with the clamp. the feel is even firmer than fast line.

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