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Klr 600 timing

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Bike has jumped out of time. (See pic) 


Now I'd like to know where to start 

..The best advice I've had so far is that it's probably the cam chain tensioner 

...Been advised to replace with a 650 version as there automatic I believe.

Is that what you'd all do ? 



0... mark cam chain where it's sat on sprocket ... Probably not necessary 1... remove old cam tensioner ...2.Tie cam chain up (while on top dead center) ..3. alight camshaft sprockets so lines are straight ( turn them clockwise till lines straight) .4..Then drop cam.chain back down on them (counting links) 

5..New chain tensioner back in

? Sorry just want to make sure everything is right , as I don't have a Manual and this is my first time doing timing! 



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there is a timing mark on the rotor... you can remove the plug & see it when near top center with the piston.  what I do is, pull the spark plug, turn the engine so the exhaust lobes point forward, and the intakes point aft. insert a pencil in the hole, turn the engine until you verify TDC. back off a few degrees look in the witness hole for a "T" laying on its side (stamped on the flywheel). thats the timing position.  when you are there.... the lines on the cam gears should be parallel to the split line for the cover.  they do not always align perfectly, but what I see in your pic would be too much of you were on the "T". the witness hole is the screw plug above the center of the crank.... on the left side engine cover

if anything has to come off to change timing, you need to remove the tensioner first or stuff might bind. first thing to do is crack the 12mm bolt in the middle that holds the spring, then pull the 2 bolts that hold the housing (10mm wrench) & remove. the 12 is a biotch if you don't at least loosen it first.

the mating surface for the valve cover does not need any sealant except where the 2 cam cut outs are (the thumb shaped bits on the left side) the rest of the gasket has a ridge that fits a groove in the cover. I put the works together & then put a fat blob of RTV on the cutouts (on the outside) that way I don;t have to scrape the gasket surfaces clean and I don't have to worry about stuff falling into the engine

if the gasket or the bolt seals leak, replace them. if you are desperate & don;t have parts.... goop them with RTV

be careful with the torque on the cover bolts... they need only to be tightened until they bottom out (I think 60 INCH pounds)... any tighter pulls the threads out of the head & are a biotch to fix (I have several methods though, depending)



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Thanks Dude! 

That picture was taken with the T showing on the correct stroke! So it's slipped a fair bit. 

I did actually take the valve clearence measurments while in the same position 

IN1 - 0.9 IN2 - 0.13 

EX1- 0.35 EX2- 0.33

I'm hoping by turning the cam and sprocket clockwise a few teath will put them back in spec! 

I've also ordered a klr650 cam chain tensioner and gasket as I've heard my 600 tensioner was a common problem with slipping timing 

So hopefully just whack that in and it will be fine! Thanks again


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