CRF230F tires for trail riding?

Just bought a 2003 CRF230F for trail riding.  Needs tires.  Any recommendations on tires for rocky trails?

Shinko 505 cheater for the rear, golden tyre gt216a fatty on the front.

6 hours ago, chadzu said:

Shinko 505 cheater for the rear, golden tyre gt216a fatty on the front.

Sizes for those tires, please?  Muchas Gracias.

Oh my a tough question.  Terrain varies so much that best tire options are usually what others in the area are using.  Just to stir the pot a bit my fav tire for traction is a tubeless radial ply Competition Trials tire, 4.00R18 or 120/110R18. But Trials tires behave differently than a knobby so there is some rider adjustment.

Check out the irc ve33.  Its a softer carcass and compound.  Really good traction in rocks.  Just get the same size as stock.

My fav knobby for a XR has been the IRC VE33, great all round tire.

The old IRC VE-33 was what Al Baker equipped all his bikes with and recommended.  We still use them and they are tough as nails.

Lots of tire for little money.

For a front tire, this Pirelli looks a lot like the tried and true favorites, some of which aren't available anymore like the Bridgestone ED 11 Gritty.

Pirelli Garacross mt16


I ride in the PNW up in the GP and the surrounding areas. I used to like the IRC m5b or ve33 for the rear and s12 up front. I have been trying the Donlop AT81 front and rear. For the rear I like the AT81 better in everything but deep mud. Like wet rock and roots. Front I'm not sold on yet not bad but next time I'm going back to a s12 in the front with a AT81 in the rear. I also run a 110/100-18 in the rear. A tittle taller to help balance the feel of my set up. I bet if you let us know where you ride somebody can make a great suggestion for your conditions ?Happy trails!

Wifes bike, Bridgestone m59 80/100/21 8psi tubebliss, Sedona 907 110/100/18 4psi tubliss. Very good all around for Sierras and Nev desert. Almost 1500 miles on them, wearing well, no chunking, no knobs tearing or flats. Wife wants new tires, not worn out yet, considering Shinko 505 cheater 110/100 and Shinko 546 90/100. Has anyone had clearance issues with a fatty (90/100/21) up front,  seems like they might rub the fork boots, Chadzu?

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Bridgestone M59 front. Shinko 505 cheater on rear.


I have a Pirelli Scorpion XC Soft to Mid on the front of my 230.  It is tearing side lugs off by the minute.  Literally, after only a handful of rides, the majority of the side lugs are gone.  Definitely won't be buying it again.

There's a Vee-Rubber GNCC tire on the rear, which has pretty good traction, but it too is tearing lugs off.  Not nearly as bad as the Pirelli, but bad enough I won't buy it again either.

I've got a Bridgestone M59 on the front of my XR400, and I absolutely love it.  Great traction in virtually every situation I put it in, and I've been riding for over a year and it still looks pretty much brand new.  This is definitely what I'll be putting on the front of 230.

I'm running a IRC M5B on the rear of my XR.  It offers unbelievable traction pretty much anywhere except super hard-pack or rocks (and still does pretty darn well there, too).  It is simply amazing in mud and soft situations.  My only complain is how it's wearing.  It's not chunking lugs off, but the lugs are wearing down quite a good bit.  Compared to the M59 on the front that looks brand new, the IRC is probably 50% worn out.  Still, it gets abused quite a bit and is ridden on a lot of rocks, so I may be asking a bit much.

I hear good things about the IRC VE33.  I'm on the fence about trying this one out next, or sticking with the M5B.

Usually about the time I find a tire I like they quit making it. Like now I've been running the Bridgestone m403/404 and they quit making them. May see what Bridgestone makes now cause they were easier to mount and I liked the softer side wall for its softer ride.


Any recommendations on tires for rocky trails?

Here's my setup for riding in the Rockies; Rocky Mountains that is.


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