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Dirtbiking up North (Trail Information?)

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Does anyone know if there is Dirtbiking in these Areas?  We trail ride and are strictly offroad only. 

Im wanting to stay at the Surpent River Campground if possible and ride from there if there are trails in the area. I'm also open to these other places too. 

Blind River

Algoma Mills


Surpent River



Looking for info on Campgrounds, trail Heads , where to buy passes.

The trails have to be around the moderate range as I have a 12 year old that rides dirt bike. 

I would greatly appreciate any info I can get as I'm not from the area at all. 

Thank you!

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I don't know much about those areas I'm afraid. You can look into the park to park trail system. Please post your findings I'm curious as well. If you want info on more southern ontario near GTA I can help.

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