maintenance madness

I just bought a 99 WR400. I love the bike, it's got balls. It has been 5 years since i've ridden. The last bike was an 83 XR500. I would just put gas in it and go. I just read the owners manual for the new bike and the maintenance required is insane. Does anyone have any recommendations for motor oil types, oil filters, how often in between changes, etc.? What about air filters? It has a foam filter right now. Should I buy an after market filter? How often should it be cleaned and lubed? Any advice you can give me will be appreciated. I don't race, but I ride very hard when I go out. I also live in a very hot, dry dusty climate. Pahrumped Nevada. :)

99 WR400, FMF Pipe, DMC Header, Renthal bars, Moose fender bag, Baja Designs Light kit, Accerbics brush guards, Scott's Stearing dampner, IMS clear 4.1 gal. tank. Still learning about all the mods.


while written for the 250F's, 99% of the information in the 250F FAQ is also directly applicable to your WR400F. the link to the 250F FAQ is in my sig -- there you will find a ton of performance hints, and a whole section on maintenance issues (engine oil, swingarm linkage, steering stem, chain slider, valve clearances, etc).

regards and welcome to TT.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Welcome to TT. Most basic maintenance questions can also be answered by using the TT search engine to access the TT archives. Lots of good info there. :)

Hey morgan1, welcome to TT, a buddy and I are planing on doing a run from vegas to Pahrump in the near future, drop me a line if you are interested. We both have 99 WR400's.


This is just my personal opinion.

I run a standard style notoil or twin air filter, which I normally clean and reoil every second ride. As for oil changes, I normally stretch them out to every 3rd or 4th ride. Due to my lack of fitness, my rides are generally pretty short. I am one of the many who has been through the gearbox rebuilding process. Even though the gearbox failures arent oil related, I figure clean oil can't hurt. Clutch debris is what kills the oil, so if you are hard on the clutch, change it more often.


thanks for the input :D:)

hamish said it all, the way i figur you cant do to much maintenance :D :D :D:)

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