whats the cd for? the manual says that u cant use oil that is more then cd.

Thats the rating on the oil bottle.

An "sh" oil is better than a "sg" oil.

An "si" oil is better than a "sh" oil.

the S stands for spark and the C stands for compression.

Laymens terms s=gasoline vehicles c= diesel vehicles both are compatible with each other higher grade= more additives that could evolve to slipping i think its more of a myth than fact i use a cheap grade sj oil with motorup engine treatment about a .5 ounce to the entire system no slip, smoother shifts im sure some would disagree but have you tried it.

problems with additives in bikes is people think more is better or put in more than recomended i agree with most that too much will slip the clutches why cause they need friction to operate and engage the gear but your leaving the rest of the metal vunerable to friction

friction=heat=wear=breakdown=sitting on the sidelines watching others

Salsahh :):D

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